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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration New Jersey

When it comes to smoke damage, you must always remember that the longer you leave your house exposed to smoke, the harder it will be to clean everything out. The thing about smoke damage is that it sticks to almost everything inside the house. From your clothes, furniture, carpets, upholstery and to your walls; smoke damage doesn’t just leave a foul odor but it also stains as well.


We are certified in smoke and fire remediation. We are licensed to conduct the following steps:

Step 1 - The fire source must always be removed as the first step in remediation. The source of smoke damage must also be removed from the scene.
Step 2 - Once the structural integrity of the scene is established, it must be determined if the walls and ceilings can be cleaned utilizing a dry chemical sponge wipe down and degreasing application. If the drywall is too charred, then demolition is in order.
Step 3 - All porous materials such as clothing, bedding, linens and certain furniture must be removed from the scene.
Step 4 - HEPA filtered air scrubbers are installed based on the cubic volume of the scene to cleanse the ambient air and remove the smoke molecules which will be captured by the HEPA filter in the air scrubber. Typically the air scrubbers are left at the scene for a minimum of three days.
Step 5 - Deodorization applications using vapor-tech technology are installed, eliminating smoke odor.
Step 6 - Proper containment of the fire source area is necessary to prevent further smoke and odor damage. We utilize 6 mm plastic and duct tape.
Step 7 - Based on job conditions it may be necessary to encapsulate the smoke or fire damaged walls, floors, ceilings with a special primer paint to seal and capture any residual smell.

Puff Back Cleaning

Puff Back can occur when the furnace or oil burner has a build up of fumes and soot. After this build up occurs the next time it ignites it shoots the soot throughout the residence or business, just like the backfiring of a car, covering the walls, furniture, and everything in the house.


Our Puff Back Services Include:

  • Furnace Puff Back Repair
  • Puff Back Cleanup
  • Soot Cleanup
  • Soot Damage Repair
  • Vent Puff Back Cleanup
  • Heater Puff Back Cleanup

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